Clean Your Mattress Or Carpet the better way
26.09.2014 17:39

Never-ending cleanup is frustrating to many, as the need to keep our mattresses, carpets or any tougher things at home in spick and span condition for healthcare is not an easy job. Several techniques are used to remove stains and keep our mattresses in fresh condition. You could vacuum the mattresses and carpets using upholstery cleaner. It helps to remove dust mites. Some use enzyme cleaners too. 

There are so many unidentifiable stains, blood stains, cigar and other odours, urine stains, drink spills, and mildew caused by moisture. You could use Hydrogen peroxide, blot it with a cloth, or rinse it with cold water. You can also add some salt to plain water and store it in a spray bottle and this solution is particularly effective in removing the fresh blood stains. Some people even use a baking soda solution, to rinse and later use a dry towel to absorb the moisture. Some use Lysol and other such sprays to take out the odour and give it a suntan. You could use isopropyl alcohol and warm water to kill the lingering spores. Removing the urine stains is a must in almost all households with babies and toddlers. Even stains are caused by spilt drinks. Some use citrus cleaners or even vinegar to remove stains. 

All are not acquainted with the different chemicals and solutions and sprays and especially not everyone is good at removing stains and odours like a professional. Don’t worry; nowadays there are services available for a fee from many mattress manufacturers or even local dry cleaners. Keeping the carpets clean and away from stains, dirt, grit, sand and allergens could be achieved using both traditional and modern methods. There was not a clear cut method to cleaning the carpets but during this decade, chemical developers are doing research to create new carpet cleaning technologies. Modern technologies like encapsulation and other green technologies work better, and they are easy to use and require less training and saves more time and money. Many countries run carpet cleaning industries and educate their workers and even set cleaning standards and there are professional cleaning methodologies in practice. 

One of the vast used methods is hot water extraction and steam cleaning. In this method there is less use of detergents and other chemicals and detergent residues on carpet fibres which attract dirt from outside shoes could be avoided. This method minimizes concern about breathing volatile chemical compounds and safe for children crawling and playing on just cleaned carpets. No method is without disadvantage and if water used cannot be extracted fully, and if there is high humidity, mildew’s growth becomes unavoidable. 

But there are new developments and research undertaken to avoid disadvantage to a great extent. Even heavily soiled areas could be cleaned through manual spotting and pre-treatment and preconditioning. Cleaning immediately after the stain is formed, could prevent colour change in the carpets. There are so many institutions nowadays, which specialise in mattress and carpet cleaning and using these outlets provides the timely and right solution as your product will be restored to its original condition in no time, for a reasonable fee. This service also provides with employment and it’s much needed for a clean society. Why not try it?



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