Growing Herbs in an Outdoor Garden
24.09.2014 17:44

Indoor herb gardening is not only simple to do, it gives everyone the option of growing their own fragrant herbs year round. And because the size of the container can be tailored to fit any windowsill, indoor herb gardening is a perfect option even for those who live in tiny apartments.

It can literally be done anywhere that you have good sun exposure.

Not only can herbs gardening be done in any type of home, indoor gardening also gives you the option of maintaining and benefiting from your plants year round. Unlike traditional outdoor gardens where nature is in charge, you control the climate for your indoor garden and with the right touch you can keep your plants growing all year long.

Why bother with indoor herb gardening at all?

It's actually quite easy to start an indoor garden, all you need is a large container that is six inches deep or a series of individual six inch pots, soilless potting mixture and either seedlings or seed packets.

Plant your seedlings or your seeds and set them on a windowsill with southern exposure and you should see results in very little time. Of course, you may have to adjust the climate conditions to keep your plants happy.

Most herbs require at least four hours a day of sunshine and they don't do well in temperature extremes, so if you do opt for herbs gardening inside, make sure not to set up your garden near a heater or your stove.

And in most cases you won't want to over water either.

Just keep your herbs reasonably moist and they should respond very well. Herbs are among the easiest plants to grow, whether indoors, outside or in a greenhouse, making indoor herb gardening one of the most pleasant experiences for even the novice gardener.

And not only will you have the satisfaction of watching your plants grow, you'll be able to reap the rewards of their fragrant smell and delicious taste. Nothing can quite compare to using your own fresh grown herbs to add zip to your favorite recipes.

Whether it's basil in your homemade tomato sauce or rosemary spicing up your chicken or a fresh sprig of mint in a glass of lemonade, herbs can brighten up almost any dish.

And... herbs' gardening gives you a wonderful way to take advantage of these extraordinary culinary helpers.
In today's economy, there is an extra advantage to doing your own indoor herb gardening.

Not only can you be assured that herbs directly from your garden are fresh and pesticide free, they are much more affordable than packaged or "organic" herbs you find at most supermarkets.

So why pay extra for something you can easily grow yourself?

Herb gardening can be a quick, easy and affordable solution as well as a rewarding undertaking. What's not to love? Check your garden center today and see if they have herb seedlings or seed packets and give indoor gardening a try.



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